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​About Ink All Night, rethinking painting as you know

We are a service company, focused on interior painting of commercial, business and condominium environments, during the night time, after business hours, we do this so that there is no interference, problems or any inconvenience to the workers and customers of the establishment to be painted by our team.

One of our purposes is to give the client the option to be creative with our services, keeping in mind the type of business of our client we do color and volume studies, to make sure everything is, exactly, the way desired even before we start painting. Freedom is our goal, patterns and colors are up to the customer.


Convenience: By working during the night, we try to cause the minimum possible interference in our clients business, because when done during the day painting can generate a few problems that could harm our clients business. The idea is to start our work soon after business hours and finish as much as we can, in the case that we can’t finish a job in one night when the client comes to open it’s business the next day he will find everything where he left and the work, will continue the next night.

We also try to be simple and fast for your own convenience during the process of estimating the cost of the work to be performed. Our idea is to perform budgets online, through the insert of accurate measures and photos.

Organization: In order to simplify our work process, it should be very organized, using methods and products that improve performance and convenience during the execution of the service such as: nightly work schedule, division of steps (budget, site visit, contract, and site preparation), and dexterity in the execution and cleaning by using modern technology.

Cleaning: Since our idea is that the client can use the environment the next day as if nothing had happened during the night, cleaning is very important. For this, all protection used for the floor and furniture will be removed and the environment will be cleaned in a meticulous way in order to be kept clean.

Safety: The permanence of the workers in the environment to be painted, out of normal working hours, that is, without inspection of the client, give us the responsibility to hire professional employees with a verified criminal record, our service will also be directed to companies that require total business silence.

Main Clients: These are corporate offices, regular offices, shops and commercial establishments of any nature and purpose, condominiums and building amenities, industries, hotels, vacations homes, urgent cares, schools, any companies operating and complying with business laws and regulations at all levels of government, local, state and federal.

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